About the Company:

Alpha Shen was started in 1981 in Monterey Park, California. The company offers schooling for children from preschool to kindergarten. The administration and staff at Alpha Shen prepare their students to be productive, respectable and independent individuals in the community. After years of being in business, Alpha Shen was now looking for an online presence through a website campaign.

The Challenge:

Alpha Shen has never had a website before, and now they desired a website that can build their online presence. The company wanted their website to keep current parents informed as well as attract new parents and their children to become potential students. Multiple different features were added to Alpha Shen’s website, like a rotating banner, a link to Yelp and much more.

The Solution:

Our web development team designed a responsive website for Alpha Shen with an email/newsletter sign-up for parents to stay up to date with school activities and events for their children. We also added a contact form to make it more convenient for the parents to send in inquiries about the school. A gallery page was included to showcase the school facility as well as students’ artwork and projects. There is also a program list where clients can learn more about the different types of programs available to their child. Alpha Shen’s website delivered the school a reputable online existence. It’s both useful to the parents of current students that want to stay up to date with their child’s schooling as well as new parents that are looking for the school for their children.