About the Company:

Founded in 1992, amphibianArc is a unique architecture firm whose design principles draw from theories of philosophy and evolution. They create a variety of impressive designs ranging from residential to commercial projects.  Currently, they have two offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Our Challenges:

The client’s initial website was made entirely in HTML but lacked the capability to manually input content. The client requested a desktop, tablet and mobile friendly website that also allowed them to easily self-mange uploading pictures and text. Additionally, the client requested that the original design of their website be preserved; the client was very particular about aesthetic details, such as typography, user interface and spacing. Challenges arose in maintaining consistency and proportions among the massive amount of content that the client had. Specifically, accommodations for space needed to be made for their large image gallery and additional requests for filtering capabilities, videos, and preservation of their “liquid” pages. Finally, the client also requested that the site be bilingual in English and Traditional Chinese.

Ready Artwork’s Solutions:

AmphibianArc’s new website was created in WordPress – this allowed for Ready Artwork to easily transfer all pre-existing content to the new website and subsequently allow anyone from the client’s team the ability to self-manage future content entry. This migration required extensive re-programming and re-scripting from the original website. The design was made responsive and with a Pinterest-like layout with scalable tiles, which could be completely accessible and responsive on large screens, tablets and mobile devices. To make images congruent among all browsers, the client submitted the appropriate sizes to our content coordinator for manual entry; this ensured the accuracy of location and functionality for each image on the website. Filtering was accomplished by creating a static main menu with scrollable sub categories. Of the utmost importance, was the quality assurance procedure put in place by the Ready Artwork team – this created a constant, open dialogue between our client and our project coordinator throughout the entirety of the process. In the end, the customer was very satisfied with the outcome of their newly accessible and bilingual website, tailored to their liking and requirements.