About the Company:

Andorra Life is a manufacturer for premium quality vitamins and food supplements. The company distributes primarily through the affiliated online and traditional retail stores. All of the products that carry the Andorra Life name are made in the USA.

The Challenge:

Andorra Life sought assistance from Ready Artwork for an E-catalog layout responsive website. The client needed a clean look with large typefaces to accommodate for older audiences in the market. The client also requested to incorporate expressive red and blue colors as the theme.

The Solution:

Our Design and Web Team developed a responsive website with a white and light grey colored background. Since Andorra Life has an older generation as their target audience, our team incorporated immense typefaces and copious amounts of negative space for simple readability. Instead of only using the requested red and blue colors, our design team decided to add some green to create a more lively and natural look. The final project looked “big” and “prominent” without an overly corporate formal look.