About the Company:

Aqua Vida is a Southern California based company that sells alkaline water ionizers. The owner was inspired to start this business after fully recovering from a health condition by drinking ionized water.


The client requested numerous features for his website with a particular focus on integrating an affiliate program with the option of users to have their own website.  Additionally, external sources affected the client’s ability to consistently communicate with the team.

Ready Artwork’s Solutions:

The graphic team wanted to convey a design that “quenched your thirst,” this was accomplished by using blue and gray hues, as well as a large static photo of water for all pages. A screen to screen image slider emphasized the visual appeal and refreshing effect of water. The developers came up with creative solutions to cater to the client’s requests. Built on a Magento platform, this e-commerce website features a third party live chat, event calendar and blog. To install the affiliate program, the team chose a program called Post Affiliate Pro that, instead of giving each user their own website, gave them access to a large shared website. Tracking the affiliates and distinguishing between users was made possible by subsequently integrating WordPress onto the built website. Ready Artwork’s Project Coordinator’s role was especially active throughout, ensuring that the development team stayed on track while working with the client’s schedule to gather the content to finalize the project. Finally, Ready Artwork provided Spanish language translation services to make the website bilingual.