About the Company:

AU79 Tea House was founded by one of the 9 descendants of Su-Mu Lee, founder of the world famous Ten Ren Tea; and opened in Arcadia, California in 1998. Su-Mu’s son, Rei Chen Lee, wanted to ensure that AU79 Tea House offered the best quality tea and did so by handpicking a selection of tea leaves to create a wide variety of flavors that is unique to everyone’s palate. Currently, there are three AU79 locations: Pasadena, San Gabriel, and Arcadia.

Our Challenge: 

We created a one-page website design for AU79 that includes: Menu, Events, Gallery, About Us, and Locations. We wanted the website to be simplistic but showcase the quality tea that AU79 provides. A one-page website brings a few challenges, especially in design, we need to incorporate a gallery and a navigation section. A gallery can load multiple images at a time and greatly increase page loading times, creating a need of pagination for the gallery images. We wanted to incorporate a navigation menu, which is usually at the top of the website, and when a user clicks on the navigation menu item – they will be transported to a different section of the landing page.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

The main goal of the website was to create a one page website. We did not want to create multiple pages, slow down page loading speed, or loose the navigation menu bar when scrolling through the website.  For the gallery feature, the challenge required us to use an in-page loading system to dynamically load additional images with a click of a button. This will allow users to look at more images, while still browsing and cut down on loading time of available images.  For the navigation menu, we built the navigation to stay on the top of the landing page with dynamic coding that will indicate which section the user is currently on.