About the Company:

Baldwin Compliance Group has been in business for over ten years and aims at providing simple solutions to today’s diesel challenges with the help of federal, state, and local government funding. The business delivers exceptional consulting service in helping their clientele understand the regulations of the compliant operation of a diesel truck fleet, as well as protecting their clientele from excessive fines while maximizing their off-road grant awards.


Baldwin Compliance Group is a highly experienced company but needed technical assistance in helping to create an updated website design. From a website administrator perspective, their old website was more difficult to navigate and required a stronger online presence.


Ready Artwork is always prepared to deliver remarkable results in fulfilling the client’s needs for an easy-to-use website. The design team created a content management system (CMS) with user-friendly tools that allows the client to easily manage and update their content and images on the fly. Ready Artwork divided the website into three simple pages consisting of a homepage with an appealing hero image, a “compliant trucks” page, and an “off-road” page. The team made the owner’s contact information highly accessible on the homepage for potential clients, and also incorporated a section for the owner to inquire about opportunities for government grants and industry happenings. The team made it simple for the owner to add listings and photographs on the “compliant trucks” section in order to offer finance consulting for his clients looking for specific types of trucks. Lastly, the “off-road” page consists of Caterpillar Trucks used explicitly for construction, and the section offers comprehensive details on how Baldwin Compliance Group is able to make sure their clients are receiving all the advantages hidden in the CARB’s Off Road diesel engine regulatory language.