About The Company:

Boba Tea House serves their customers from three different locations, two in Loma Linda and one in Riverside. They pride themselves on improving their menu and adding on more premium products and healthier options for their customers. The team at Boba Tea House provide great customer service and enjoy “adding smiles in every cup” they serve their customers.


Our client wanted a website that displayed their vast menu to their customers. They also wanted a place for potential employees to join their team. Lastly, they value giving back to their community, so they also wanted a fundraising/events form to be available on their website.

Our Solution:

Our team designed a responsive informational website for our client with a wooden theme. Their extensive menu is displayed and can be easily navigated through. We also included the fundraiser/events form, an employment form, and a feedback form, so visitors can contact the Boba Tea House team for their specific needs. Lastly, we also used the Boba Tea House icon as a back to the top button for visitors to easily navigate to the top of the website.