The Wheel Group is a manufacturer and distributor with over 45 years of experience specializing in automative wheels and accessories located in Los Angeles. They have many sub brands including Amp Tires and and Cali Off Road. We’ve made many websites for this client so when they wanted a website for another brand, Body Armor 4×4 so they came back to Ready Artwork, knowing that we could deliver them another visually appealing and user friendly website.



While the Body Armor 4×4 website is a new website, the design of the website needed to match all the other sub-brands.


While the branding and styling of the Body Armor 4×4 website needed to be consistent, our designers wanted to make sure that this website was unique and would stand out. The website is just an informational e-catalog so our team felt that WordPress would be the best solution. There were also a lot of different categories and products that our team needed to figure how out to organize.



Our team built a fully custom responsive WordPress site. On the home page, there’s a rotating banner that displays several photos of the products. Other functions that our team built were a tore location, PDF catalog download, email signup and an installation instruction page. To tackle the organization of the website, our team built a supermenu dropdown. A supermenu is a type of expandable menu in which many choices are displayed in a two-dimensional dropdown layout. They are an excellent design choice for accommodating a large number of options or for revealing more products at a glance. While the branding and colors match with the other sub brands of The Wheel Group, a lot of the elements on the website are more angular and bold to match with the logo and the feel of the company.

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