El Pavo has been a well-established bakery for a number of years but the client believed that it was time to create a website and establish an online presence. The challenge for this particular project was creating a website that did not deviate from the pre-existing design and theme of the store locations.


In order to gain a better understanding of El Pavo’s operation and business goals, the design team at Ready Artwork paid a visit to El Pavo’s factory as well as one of the locations and got a chance to view the sales floor. After performing research, Ready Artwork moved forward with creating a simple but feature-rich WordPress website. An image-slider was added to the homepage to showcase their 3 main product lines. An image gallery was included for cakes, pastries and food with popup modal windows for enhanced and detailed views. A blog page was added as a way for the client to blog about seasonal items as well as El Pavo history and event related news. Users are also able to connect with El Pavo through the contact page for inquiries and via email opt-in at the bottom of the page.

Lastly, as a way to accommodate El Pavo’s Spanish speaking clientele, the feature added for users to be able to view the website in English or Spanish.