About the Company:

Four Sea Restaurant is a Chinese Traditional Breakfast Deli originally located in Hacienda Heights with branches also in the Arcadia, San Gabriel and Irvine. Four Sea Restaurant has been serving authentic and top quality Taiwanese food for the past 11 years now with their main goal behind them “Honor the Customer, Quality Comes First”.


After being in business for over 10 years, Four Sea Restaurant was seeking for a something new and fresh for their revamped website.

Ready Artwork’s Solutions: 

Wanting to keep both the loyal customers and the potential new generation customers in mind, the development team opted for a responsive type of website. Ready Artwork’s design team went for a clean, modern, boutique feel with the layout and over-all design of the website. We also wanted to emphasize that although the site has changed, the great quality of the food has stayed the same; and so we did this by including a gallery of high-resolution photos of their menu items. The new responsive website automatically adjusts and resizes whenever the viewer enlarges or minimizes the screen size, giving the individual the best viewing experience whether it is from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Four Sea Restaurant takes pride in the looks of satisfaction on their customers’ faces as they leave from the restaurant, and Ready Artwork takes pride in their clients’ happiness and satisfaction of their new websites. Our design and programming team had a great time working with Four Sea Restaurant!