About the Company:

Green Engineering Solar Corporation is a business that offers services in solar panel installations for homes. It was established in North South Wales, Australia but has quickly expanded into Victoria and Queensland, as well as into the U.S. and Japan.


The challenge for this project was to develop an updated and engaging website that would allow for and facilitate customer and business interaction. Previously, the company’s website included a “Get a Quote” option on only the home page, which made it more difficult for clients to find an estimate for services when browsing through other pages of the website. Furthermore, our client requested for a website that would be easily accessible to both English and Chinese speakers since their business was expanding globally.


Ready Artwork created a mobile responsive website that includes an updated home page with a mission statement that gives potential clients an in-depth idea of who Green Engineering Solar is. The web team sectioned off the home page to provide a landing page effect by incorporating an image slider with a few photographs of solar panels to give clients a visual of the finished product. Also, Ready Artwork made it easier for visitors to easily fill out a form by establishing a recurring “Get A Quote” form on every page rather than just the home page. Our team developed a bilingual website that displays both English and Chinese content to make the page more accessible for Green Engineering Solar’s niche of English and Chinese speakers. Additionally, the team added a newsletter subscription feature on the homepage for those who are not yet ready to purchase but would like to stay tuned for news on solar solutions.