About the Company:

GroundSwell Group is a Los Angeles based company which connects sponsors and charities to help both parties achieve their respective goals. GroundSwell offers an extensive network of service vendors for charities to choose from as well as a comprehensive network of fundraising events for sponsors to support.

The Challenge:

The client commissioned Ready Artwork to develop an informational website for their company. With their target audience being charities, sponsors, and corporate individuals, they wanted a website that looked clean, smart, and professional. Our team worked very closely with the GroundSwell Art Director who was very knowledgeable in design and print. Per request from the client, we put an emphasis on the typography for this project to ensure that quality was maintained throughout various viewing devices.

The Solution:

Our graphic designers paid extra attention to the typography for this project as it was especially important to the client. Down to the color, alignment, kerning (space between each letter) and leading (space between each line) of the typography, our team worked hard to make sure that the needs of our client was fulfilled. Along with that, our graphic designers used the preexisting GroundSwell logo to design a website which would nicely complement the colors and serif font. Some of the additional features our developers implemented on the website include an image gallery, calendar of events, forms for sponsors to fill and submit, and lastly a newsletter subscription sign up for interested individuals.