About the Company:

The Guadalupe Wedding Chapel is a family-owned business that has been bringing affordable and elegant dream weddings to life for more than 250,000 couples since 1970. There are 3 locations with different chapels to fit each wedding style.


The challenge for Ready Artwork was developing a website for the well-known Guadalupe Wedding Chapel brand that showcased each of the chapels and while making the information seeking process for visitors as easy and intuitive as possible.


First, Ready Artwork paid a visit to the Los Angeles location in order to better understand the venue and the business as a whole. Upon arriving to the website, visitors are given the option to sign up for the newsletter for latest updates and special offers. The default website language is set to English but visitors have an option to switch to Spanish. This option was crucial since many of the couples who marry at the Guadalupe Wedding Chapel are Spanish speakers.

At the top of the page, the most important website information is found at the top of the page for easy navigation. Those items include the homepage, location, type of weddings, photography, reception, FAQ, blog and contact page.

Next, an image slider was added to the homepage with high quality images of each of the 3 locations. By clicking on a banner, a visitor is able to find all of the contact and location information, enlarged images of the venue as well as the popular types of weddings and wedding services which include civil/non-religious weddings, religious weddings, other ceremonies and weddings on location.

The overall goal for the website is for visitors to be able to obtain all the necessary information and then contact the chapel. Contact forms are found at the bottom of each page as well as contact phone numbers for each location.

Last but not least, the website was built as a responsive design website optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.