Heartland Shops is a nationwide company that sells healthy and organic Taiwanese products, with stores in California and over the East Coast. With over 16 years of experience, they needed a website that would reflect that expertise in the field.


Heartland already had an e-commerce website but it was outdated and slow. The website desperately needed a redesign that would appeal to both English and Chinese speakers.


The existing website was a WordPress site with WooCommerce. Our team switched them over to Magento so that the website could be more customizable with plugins and features. All throughout the design and development stages of the website, our team was always keeping Heartland’s existing branding in mind. Even though this was a re-design, we wanted to make sure that it still felt like Heartland.


Our team created a clean, minimalistic and user friendly trilingual website. Some important features on the website include a rotating banner on the homepage, a rewards program, super menu, pop up email newsletter button, and out of stock email reminder for customers. The site emphasizes healthy and organic living with accents of purple to match with the existing branding. An effective and user friendly website is so crucial for your business. Heartland’s sales increased drastically after the site launched. Ultimately a website, especially an e-commerce website, helps to establish your business’ credibility and brand awareness.