About the Company:

Image Beauty Store is an online Cosmetic and Beauty store based in Los Angeles that sells various name brand, 100% authentic beauty products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Image Beauty Store’s mission is to provide customers with the latest trending cosmetic and beauty products to suit everyday lifestyles and skin types.


The client had previous experience with online stores but with much smaller platforms. The challenge for this website was creating a Magento shopping cart website with ‘cute’ designs that match the brands and products featured on the website.


One of the first important features to include for this website was the bilingual option. Many of the visitors are both English and Chinese speaking customers and the option to switch between English and Chinese was added at the top-right hand side of the page.

The homepage also features a sticky navigation that follows visitors as they scroll down the page. This feature makes it easy for users to return to the homepage, login or checkout.

Next, a brands carousel was included on the homepage. It features the popular brands carried by Image Beauty Store. This feature is important because makeup consumers typically purchase their cosmetics based on brands they like.

Since the brands are an important point of emphasis, a ‘brand’ specific page was included on the website. It features all of the available brands listed in alphabetical order. Visitors are able to quickly find their favorite brands through this method rather than having a generic category page. A search function is also available on the website to quickly find specific items.

For the checkout process, a 1-page checkout was implemented as an easy way for customers to check out with a minimal number of clicks.

A blog section was also included for the Image Beauty Store staff to be able to blog about particular products. It is also a good SEO practice to include quality and relevant content onto the website.

In order to tackle the challenge of creating a ‘cute’ look for the website that is consistent with the existing logo and Asian cosmetic brands, a considerable amount of custom programming was needed. The pastel colors, heart icons, swirls and butterfly designs needed to be aligned correctly for desktop, mobile and tablet versions of the website.

The completed website has a recognizable but distinct style that is consistent with the Image Beauty Store brand and logo.