The Challenge:

Inkjet Star’s website had remained largely unchanged over the years until the client believed that it was time to undergo a metamorphosis towards an innovative and responsive website. Ready Artwork faced the challenge of having to maintain and move customer and product data accumulated over the years to the new website in addition to creating a new browsing experience.

The Solution:

A number of large tasks were performed. The new ecommerce website was built using Magento + WordPress seamless integration. Bulk uploads to the site were conducted to preserve customer data. Once those items were completed, Ready Artwork’s programmers created an advanced search function to guide users to the appropriate ink cartridge. Additionally, in an effort to make things as simple for customers as possible, a custom brand landing page was created to sort items by brand. All of these factors came together to create a website that puts Inkjet Star ahead of its competitors with a responsive website and a user-friendly shopping experience.