Inter-Con Security Systems is a worldwide security service that has over 40 years of experience providing security to various sectors with their headquarters in Pasadena. Through their website they wanted to showcase their experience and professionalism to vendors and use the site as a recruiting tool for future employees.


The pre-existing website was launched some time ago, it was not designed with current time best practices and it could use a new facelift to match the brand better.


There are 2 main goals for Inter-Con Security’s for having an online presence: 1) Company introduction; 2) Recruitment.

It was important to appeal professionally to corporations that are seeking for security protection while at the same time attract talent that can join the team at Inter-Con Security.


Taking what we learned for the research stage, our team created a modern and clean website that is focused on clear call to actions. Since one of the main goals for the website was to get more job applications, the home page banner and first fold both include call to actions buttons regarding applying for jobs. The website is professional and very powerful, displaying Inter-Con’s capabilities as a company and their years of experience. Other features built into the website include parallax, a sticky navigation bar that follows you as you scroll through the website, hover-over effects on images, and the website is fully responsive.

No matter what your business is, you need a beautifully designed website that also takes into consideration what your business goals are; that’s what a successful website is. Let our team help create a successful website for your business!