As a popular and already well-known brand overseas, the client approached Ready Artwork for a new e-catalog website that would specifically be servicing their US division. The main purpose of this website would be to help establish and build the Jebo Aquarium brand within the United States. .

Ready Artwork’s Solutions:

As a leading manufacturer within the aquarium industry, our client offers a very large product line of goods. For this reason, we recommended a Magento e-catalog website. This type of website would best showcase the clients products and would allow buyers and individuals the ability to easily browse throughout the line of goods. In order to save our clients time and efforts, our developers performed a bulk import so that all data could easily be updated and populated throughout the website. Along with that, one of the key elements of the website was to provide search-ability functions for online visitors. Therefore, the search bar was made dominant on each page to be easily seen and accessed by all customers. A store locator was also added to help interested customers find their products at the nearest stores. Lastly, we customized an image slider for their homepage to be shaped as a fish tank, playing along with the aquatic feel and design of their website.