About the Company:

JSK Custom Design is a motorcycle design company that started in 2010 in Southern California and is dedicated to creating motorcycle masterpieces that make fantasy into reality.


The challenge for this website project was creating a website that showcased the client’s impressive work as well as the various features in major motorcycle publications.


Ready Artwork determined that a gallery was the best way to showcase the client’s repertoire. In the gallery section of the website, visitors are able to view enlarged, high-quality, eye-catching images of the custom-designed motorcycles in different scenes and in motion.

On the homepage, visitors are welcomed with a large background image with a mountain featuring a hairpin turn that motorcycle enthusiasts can appreciate.

A blog section was also included as a way for the client to showcase additional work and promote upcoming events.

The website was also built with mobile-friendly responsive design giving an optimized experience for users on desktop, mobile and tablet.