About the Company:

Kaiser Pharmaceutical Co. (KPC) is one of the leading international manufacturers of premium Chinese herbs in Asia. Combining traditional Chinese herbal medicine with modern scientific processing, KPC aim to promote a healthier lifestyle, while also “preserving nature’s way.” What began as a small herb shop in Taiwan in 1892 steadily grew into a global success.  Today, KPC have distribution centers throughout Asia, North America, Australia and Europe, with a local center in Irvine, CA.

The Challenge: 

The client wanted an English language website that was consistent with their pre-existing websites from overseas (Taiwan and China).  The client requested a website that would provide information about their company, as well as a detailed explanation of the manufacturing process behind their herbal products.  With multiple global distribution centers, the client asked our team to create a user-friendly interface that would allow visitors to sort through each location per continent.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

Our team designed an informational WordPress website that reflects a similar organic and scientific aesthetic as the client’s pre-existing websites and brand identity. We chose a lot of green tones to showcase the client’s products, while featuring vibrant orange accents to contrast with the neutral background. We integrated a blog to allow the client to post up-to-date news and information about their company. We also included Typekit with our website design as one of our latest free of charge services. Typekit is an online library with thousands of high-quality fonts that can be incorporated into most hosted platforms, such as WordPress, Typepad and Posterous. We chose customized fonts for the new website in order to create a unique and contemporary appeal. To illustrate the manufacturing process, our programmers designed an interactive timeline in which viewers can click on each step to view a customized image on the image slider. In order to make each of the client’s global distribution centers easy to find, our programmers also designed a tabbing feature on the Contact Us page. Viewers can quickly click through a set of tabs to find each of the client’s locations in Asia, North America, Australia and Europe.