About the Company:

La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center is a non-profit community center located in San Gabriel, CA. Its purpose is to encourage and support individuals and families who are in need. La Casa offers a variety of educational programs and social services for community members of all ages.


La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center commissioned Ready Artwork in hopes of rebranding a new informational website for their organization. Because they are non-profit, the majority of their resources come from donations, volunteers, and sponsors. Therefore, they wanted a website that would really showcase who they were and what they stood for for the community. Also because they are trying to bring about change for the multicultural community of San Gabriel, it was important that the website be bilingual in both English and Spanish. .


For the design of the website, Ready Artwork wanted to play off of the original logo and so the orange and yellow tones were incorporated throughout the site. Along with that, our web developers embedded an image slider for the home page to highlight the different programs and services offered by the organization. In order to accommodate their target audience, both English and Spanish tabs were provided for easy translation options. Lastly because La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center relies heavily on contributions from sponsors and volunteers, we wanted to make it easy for online visitors to donate and contact the organization through the site. Along with a large “Donate” button at the top of the page, our developers created a “Contact Us” page including all of the various ways an individual can donate and contribute to the cause. Ready Artwork was happy to accept this project as it was a great way to give back to the wonderful community of San Gabriel.