About the Company:

Lemon Tree Washhouse is a washhouse that services the Southern California area’s biggest restaurants, hospitality and entertainment companies. They also handle specialty customer owned items and rental service on a daily or weekly schedule.


The project required the creation of a website that adequately showcases the company’s abilities while focusing on it as a lead generation website. A few other requirements included responsive design and parallax scrolling for the visuals. The challenge for this project was being able to fit all of the information onto one page without overwhelming visitors with an excessive amount of text.


Ready Artwork’s web and design teams were able to get creative with some of the elements on the website by adding a stack of linens dropping down from the header to the ‘about’ section.

Next, the lead generation contact form was included towards the bottom of the page after all of the important key points about Lemon Tree Washhouse were included. The form allows businesses and individuals the ability to list their contact information and services needed.

The final product is an effective responsive website with interactive elements and showcases all of the highlights about the company.