About the Company:

Ann, also known as Anneorshine, is a lifestyle teacher and social media maven. Her goals are to create inspiring content and to encourage her viewers in exploring their hidden creativity. She has partnered and collaborated with brands like Disney, Target, Lionsgate, and American Express.

The Challenge:

Ann had an existing blogging website, but it was time for a new “facelift”. Ann needed a website to incorporate blogs and links to her social media accounts.

The Solution:

Our Design and Web Team developed a responsive website with a very clean white and black theme that allows Ann to present her vibrant photographs and blog posts. Her blogs contain a Pinterest style layout, and are organized in masonic tiles with multiple categories. On the home page, the Web Team inputted a recent blog feed to allow her viewers to quickly glance at her latest blog. A social media sidebar is on every page for easy access to her social media accounts. In addition, an Instagram feed is on the right side of the website to help promote interactions for her account. Since Ann is very active on Youtube, our teams have added the option to embed her Youtube videos on the website to allow her viewers to watch videos on the website. Her final website is clean and organized, and it is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile.