The Challenge: requested an online eCommerce store that had the capability to allow their wholesaler and retailer clients to purchase their products online. They also wanted to integrate a Blog, Look Book and In The Press functions to keep their fans and customers up-to-date with their fashion trends, product line, and happenings at Melie Bianco. Ready Artwork’s greatest challenge with this project was collaborating and working with Melie Bianco’s design team and importing their content from their old site to this new site.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

To fulfill the client’s eCommerce and branding needs, we suggested using both WordPress and Magento as content management tools. This will allow Melie Bianco’s team to handle all orders and logistics using Magento and their marketing team to handle the branding division using WordPress. Two sets of customer database’s were built to support the two-store setup (Wholesale and Retail). A wholesale form was integrated for potential wholesalers to apply; along with a portal for them to login to browse and purchase with their wholesale account privileges.

As a fashionable brand, Melie Bianco stays very active in the industry and receives a lot of coverages on commercial media and online media.  With that in mind, we integrated a Blog and In The Press section on the WordPress platform to allow their marketing team user-friendly tools to update their brand awareness.  Since we worked with Melie Bianco’s design team for the design of this website, we kept an open communication to ensure that the designs were compatible with the software programs.  Ready Artwork worked with Melie Bianco’s designers to create a website that highlights their products and allows their users to read about current happenings and trends!

This project was built using these technologies:

WordPress, Magento, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Prototype, Javascript, PHP