The client had a pre-existing website that was in desperate need of an update. Primarily, the client wanted an informational website that aesthetically differentiated them from their competitors such as Jamba Juice and Robeks. Still, reinforcing their brand image of a small, independently owned company that uses only the freshest products, was a must.

Ready Artwork’s Solutions: 

Our designers were inspired by the client’s mission to promote healthy living through an independent business. The result was a combination of organic earth tones accented by bright colors. The background had a butcher paper type of detail, while green, orange, and blue were distributed throughout the menus and text. A unique, cloud-based typekit font was chosen to help with faster page loading speed. Our developers’ main focus was to make the menu completely visible and easy to use; this was accomplished by creating an anchor point navigation menu. When a user clicks on a menu category, they are taken to that respective section. Also, a “Take Me To The Top” button was integrated to self-scroll up, in order to return to the menu categories and navigation bar without hassle. Other features that the development team created were a screen-to-screen full width image slider on the homepage, about page, contact page, and blog.