About the Company:

Priscilla Ono, hosts a series of live streaming beauty make-up classes online. She teaches one new look every month, and discusses the various facets of the makeup applications. Priscilla also has live Q&A sessions to answer specific questions regarding makeup.

The Challenge:

Priscilla Ono signed with Ready Artwork for a responsive website to include live streaming and subscriptions with payment integration. The client requested an easy/simple user interface that is compatible with both YouTube and Vimeo. Priscilla also requested a clean look for her website.

The Solution:

Our Design and Web Team developed a responsive website that included 3 banner sliders to showcase Priscilla’s specialties. Our team decided to use mainly black and white to create the clean look as the client requested. The team implemented a platform that could handle payment, live streaming and subscriptions; this platform also allowed videos to be archived on the website as well. The subscriptions were clearly organized into Monthly Plan and Annual Plans. Different login groups were created to identify the subscription membership levels. Payment integration was also included for the client to collect funds.The overall website was carefully designed to create a simple user interface with the compatibility of YouTube and Vimeo.