About the Company:

Located in the heart of San Gabriel, the Mission Playhouse serves as a place of art and culture. They host many unique and diverse events and productions, ranging from ​Western Symphonies to ​Chinese ​Opera, from ​Classical Ballet to Ballet Folklorico, fro​m Jazz to​ Hip-Hop.

The Challenge:

Our client knew that it was important to have a mobile-responsive website to cater to their on-the-go users but since they already had a pre-existing website, the challenge was to maintain all of these design features while updating them to be responsive and more mobile friendly.

Our Solution:

When making the website responsive, the web team made sure to pay extra attention to navigational menu items and the calendar, the two most important features on the website. Our team took those existing features and made sure that they were not only responsive on mobile devices but also touch friendly user interface for an easier and smoother user experience.