About the Company:

Senseio Bookstore specializes in selling Chinese and Chinese/English educational books, magazines and other multimedia. They strive to be the go-to Chinese language resource for schools, libraries, and other institutions.


The Senseio website was set to undergo a major overhaul from its initial state. There were requirements that needed to be met for the e-commerce shopping cart website. It needed to be bilingual (Chinese and English), a responsive website to accommodate the growing number of mobile and tablet users, and have a function to allow visitors to search for books by the ISBN number. Ready Artwork also faced the challenge of having to efficiently transfer the database’s pre-existing information to the new website without having to resort to painstakingly performing the task manually.


Ready Artwork’s web development team built a custom search function to allow visitors to have search results returned when they type in ISBN numbers into the search bar. Visitors are also able to search for items by Chinese or English title. As a way to migrate the existing data over to new website, the development team created a custom script to transfer the old data into a manageable CSV file to complete a mass import recognized by the Magento platform.

As a way to appeal to both the Chinese and American audience, Ready Artwork included a Chinese styled motif on the navigation bar with bilingual text.

Two additional key features included are an image slider on the homepage displaying banners of some of the featured products, and a newsletter signup powered by MailChimp.