About the Company:

Sigma Graft is an American manufacturer of dental and orthopedic biomaterials used in bone regeneration. Sigma Graft is also committed to providing innovative solutions for bone graft surgeries. Their bone graft materials are used as medical devices and biomaterials in dental and orthopedic implant surgeries. These procedures foster new bone growth in regions of loss caused by injuries or diseases.

The Challenge:

The client needed a separate E-Commerce website to sell their biomaterials, but their old site didn’t allow them to do so. The E-Commerce website also needed to restrict any outsiders from accessing, only verified accounts can view and purchase products.

The Solution:

Our developers were able to create a forced login capability where only registered and verified doctors are able to view the products in details and make purchases. Our designers kept the same look to the corporate website, as to not confuse the current buyers that they already have.