About the Company:

Skylar Luna is eco-friendly sleepwear for the trendsetters of tomorrow. Created to give parents a social- and style-conscious kids’ sleepwear alternative, Skylar Luna combines superior comfort with contemporary design and the peace of mind provided by 100%-organic cotton, free of any fire retardant chemicals.


Skylar Luna had a pre-existing e-commerce website with its blog on a separate domain. The challenge for this project was creating a new blog that was seamlessly integrated into the Skylar Luna website.


Ready Artwork’s development team was able to integrate a new blog section onto the website. The blog is simple, effective and is easy to navigate.

On the left hand side, visitors are able to see the different categories to discover blog posts that resonate with them. Visitors are also able to easily view any older blog posts in the archives section.

The final product is seamlessly integrated, giving website visitors an enjoyable browsing experience.