A good startup cannot grow and raise awareness without a good website. Solar Camp understood the importance of a good website and came to our team for a solution! Solar Camp is a tech startup in San Diego that specializes in solar products.


They needed a website from scratch that would properly represent the business and showcase their products. The goal of the website is to spread brand awareness.


Our team did a lot of initial research to see what other tech startup websites looked like and what was important to include in this industry. The website needed to be technical and include the features of their products but not too technical that the average user wouldn’t be able to understand. Because Solar Camp has never had a website before, it was important that our team created one that functionally was a good site but also kept with their branding and accomplished their goals.


Our team created a responsive custom WordPress website. Since the goal of the website was just to increase awareness, having an e-commerce site to push sales was not necessary. Throughout the website, our designers used hints of red and orange ombre to match the brand colors and to add a splash of brightness to the website. Since the company was founded in San Diego, it was very important to have that sunny beach feeling reflect throughout. The unique features of their solar panels are heavily emphasized, especially on the home page, to highlight the company’s capabilities. The website also includes the product video and product photography that our team also did.

All in all, our team helped to create Solar Camp’s branding through the new website, photography and video. Let our team accomplish the same for your brand!

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