About the Company:

Tai Kadai Kitchen is a restaurant located in Rosemead, CA. The name “Tai Kadai” refers to the family of languages used throughout southern China and Southeast Asia. The restaurant’s menu and website reflect and represent the melting pot of languages, food and culture that make up the Tai-Kadai region.

The Challenge:

Ready Artwork faced the challenge of having to design the website prior to the restaurant’s grand opening. The client requested a responsive design, user-friendly website for the younger audience and heavy users of mobile devices and tablets.

Our Solutions

Ready Artwork’s team visited the restaurant prior to its grand opening and took pictures, studied the floor plan, interior design and made a concerted effort to cohesively align the website’s design with the restaurant’s brand and vision. The design and development team included a white background with bright accents to represent the various regions and culinary styles. On the menu tab, visitors are able to see a list of menu items with detailed ingredients and colorful, enticing photos.