Ready Artwork has a wide range of clients, from The City of Monrovia to chain store car washes, The Speedwash. The Speedwash actually has one of the largest twin tunnel express exterior car washes in Southern California. Their success led to multiple locations which necessitated a website redesign for a better user experience.

The client needed to update their website but wanted to keep their red and black racing theme to match with their existing branding. So our team kept this design consistent throughout the whole site. The redesigned website is responsive, has parallax, and has map integration with 3 drop down pins to make it easy for users to look up locations. In addition, our team moved the social media icons onto the header, even though it’s traditionally on the footer, so that it draws more attention from customers.

It’s crucial that all businesses have a user friendly website that not only displays your expertise and dependability but also is clean and easy to navigate. Contact Ready Artwork to see how our team can create a website that can reflect your business.