About the Company:

The author, Michael Keane, wrote a children’s book about Santa getting lost and how the military comes and rescues him.  The author has military background and is a Fellow of National Security at the Pacific Council on International Policy. Ready Artwork took on the challenges to create a website for Michael Keane to showcase and sell his children’s book.


The author, Michael Keane, wanted to create a one page website that showcased his children’s book. He wanted Ready Artwork to figure out the best way to promote his book with a short video, while integrating a moving background with his website. We also needed to incorporate visible links for people to make a purchase and put in a contact form that sent the form without refreshing the page. The tricky part of the integration was the moving background and adding layers on top of it. We have not dealt with moving backgrounds before and had to find a solution for it.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

We had a few ideas on how to get the moving background done. Eventually, we settled on using a YouTube video as the background. Animated GIFs and heavy JavaScript were also considered, but those technologies would have created a lag on the website. We made extensive use of the YouTube APIS and hid most of the controls. We also made the background feel very seamless. For the form, we used JavaScript and PHP to send the form data in page, which is a similar solution we had used for another client’s website.