Our Challenge:

Tile Depot USA wanted to create a website that will allow their prospective customers to see their work and read more about the company.  The craftsmanship of flooring is a big part of a room for both commercial and residential, Tile Depot wanted to use the website as a tool to showcase their portfolio of work.  So having a gallery of images is essential to help their customers browse through their website to understand Tile Depot’s capabilities.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

We created a rotating slider with editable text to allow quick and easy updates for the client to feature new images on their home page.  We wanted to showcase the detail and intricate designs of the tiles, and created individual categories to feature different locations within the home that the tiles can be incorporated in, such as bathroom, kitchen, landscape, living room, and glass tile.  Since the customer is a brand new business, we created a form along with Google Maps on the “contact us” page so potential customers can locate Tile Depot easily.