About the Company:

Founded in 1995, The Topocean Group has grown to be among the world’s leading freight forwarding and logistics service providers. Topocean offices handle air, ocean, and land operations throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. They pride themselves on giving their customers peace of mind when dealing with cost-effective management of goods.

The Challenges:

Topocean Group already had a pre-existing website that they were happy with, but they wanted to redesign the client portals’ UI (user interface). Our team had to redesign parts of the website while making sure its look remains in unison with the rest of the website.

The Solution:

Our team of developers and designers worked together to redesign the UI of the shipment management dashboard on Topocean’s website. Being in the freight and logistics services business, one of Topcoean’s priority is making sure their clients are able to check and track their products from point A to point B. With this in mind, our team made sure to keep the dashboard user friendly in design and functionality. When customers log in, they also receive a custom greeting with their company name on their dashboard, because Topocean values providing personal and quality customer service to all their customers. Overall, the redesign of the user interface remained simple with green, red, and yellow colors. The final result is a new user friendly and simple UI that blends in with the rest of their website.