Total Papers offers a wide selection of compostable paper tableware and food packaging made out of wheat and straw that is a sustainable alternative to plastic or styrofoam products. Their product line includes plates, trays, and bowls.


Total Papers is a fairly new business and the client needed a clean and attractive website to show of his products to potential wholesales.


This website is an e-catalog so our developers felt that a fully WordPress website would be the best solution. Since the company was very environmentally conscious and a “green” company, we wanted to make sure that their green philosophy was reflected on aspects of the website. This website was meant to support the client as a selling tool for wholesalers so organization and clarity of their products was very important.


The final website has earthly tones and green accents to match with the company’s branding. Our designers organized and laid out the information on the website so that it would be easily read and understandable with comparison charts and icons. Some features that our team built into this fully responsive WordPress website includes simple parallax, back to top button, contact form, and a products page with a dropdown menu. In addition, our team injected some fun into the website by adding various products across different pages that would move up and down with the mouse. Lastly, our team made sure that this client had SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. Having SSL on the website ensures all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted. If you have SSL, you’ll see a green secure lock on the left side of your browser. Now Google is requiring websites to have SSL otherwise they will flag the website.

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