Ready Artwork faced the challenge of creating a website that helped inform people about Toypurina’s compelling story. The website also needed to be able to direct visitors to purchase tickets for the show or help donate to the non-profit endeavor.


Ready Artwork previously created the Toypurina logo prior to creating the Toypurina website. Extensive typography and icon studies were performed as well as research on other tribes to create a logo that best represented the tribe. The research and findings carried over to the creation of the website to include the appropriate color palettes throughout the website.

Two major features that were built into the website were the “Support the Play” and “Buy Tickets Now” functions. They are clearly labeled on each page so that visitors are able to perform either of these two actions at any point during their browsing experience.

An image slider was included on the homepage which cycles through an image of Toypurina, the San Gabriel Mission and elements of the Gabrieleno-Tongva Tribe. Visitors are able to find links to the blog, the cast and crew page, as well as an image gallery to showcase some of the related events.

Towards the bottom of the page, the sponsors who are actively involved in the San Gabriel community are listed as well as links to the various social media accounts used to help promote Toypurina.