Upgraded Images had an existing established website that needed a new look that preserved the essence and familiarity of the existing site.


The new website is responsive and the content has a new structure. The hierarchy emphasizes certain areas of the website like the announcement area. This is meant to immediately grab the visitor’s attention to announce important information. The orange bar expands and remembers to remain hidden once a visitor closes the bar.

The color scheme is similar to the previous website to help maintain the familiarity of the brand to existing customers.

The next thing visitors will notice is the slider with product photos of different clients who have utilized Upgraded Images’ services. These photos are presented to complement the clean white space of the slider.

Also on the homepage, the Ready Artwork team incorporated a video section to embedded a YouTube video detailing the simplicity of Upgraded Images’ services. Just below this, visitors will see “Happy Clients” showcasing logos of satisfied clients who worked with Upgraded Images. A “Testimonials” box sits above the footer rotating different comments from different customers. A Yelp badge is included to notice their presence on Yelp.

It is important for photographers to display their work, so the Ready Artwork team included a “Samples” page with many product shots. The general “Pricing” page shows different packages offered.

Lastly, Upgraded Images is incorporating a blog to help boost their business.