US Fine Art is a local art education center with branches over the United States that has over 20 years of experience. They came to Ready Artwork to get their website redesigned.


The existing website was very outdated and not visually appealing.


This website needed to be professional and friendly, enticing parents to sign up for art classes for their children. Our designers looked at how other local art centers established credibility and their website layouts to see what the industry standard was. They have many different classes and programs that our designers needed to organize carefully. In addition, the website needed to look trustworthy so that parents would feel safe sending their children to US Fine Art.


The website has parallax on the home page, a rotating banner, calendar and gallery integration, and google map integration that will show visitors their closest branch. Since a majority of customers speak Chinese, the site is bilingual and can switch between Chinese and English. Many of the pages included help establish the credibility and experience of the teachers and the center. Throughout the site, our team used a lot of photos of teachers, students’ art pieces, and photos of students in class, highlighting their personal experiences and growth with the center.

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