The Challenge:

 When Visual Space came to us, they already had an existing website. However the platform and design of that website were both outdated and inaccurately representing their business. Our client had an impressive portfolio of images however on their old website, the photos were all in low resolution and failed to truly showcase the details of their portfolio. As a design firm offering top-quality products and services, they needed a top-quality website that would reflect their company image as well.

Ready Artwork’s Solution: 

For this project, Ready Artwork developed a 7-page informational website for the client. Along with revamping their website, Ready Artwork also helped to refine the current Visual Space logo as well. Our design team took the old, low-resolution logo and re-illustrated it by making it clearer and easier to use for future online and/or print material. For the website, we took the gold color from the logo and consistently used it as accent color throughout the various web pages. Lastly, to fully showcase their products and services, we made sure to include image galleries within each specific service page.