About the Company:

VivoAquatics is a leading provider of water management solutions to hotels, resorts, and waterparks worldwide. They assist clients by protecting their assets and saving money. The VivoAquatic Balance program allows the optimization of your aquatic facility performance and safety.


VivoAquatics commissioned Ready Artwork to build a new website. The existing VivoAquatics website did not reveal all of their features and technology. The goal of this new website was to ensure clear emphasis of the capabilities of VivoAquatics and visually display their services.


One of the obvious solutions to building the new website was including a responsive design. The new VivoAquatics website can benefit from the flexibility of a responsive website.

The new website uses a dark blue to represent water. This color also gives the feeling of calmness and cleanliness. A shade of yellow is used to complement the blue to provide a contrasting balance.

Entering the home page, you will notice the main slider with different photos of hotels, water parks, and pools. Below the slider, you will see photos set up in a tile-based fashion. Imagery is very important since one of the goals was to clearly show who the customers are. Last on the page are the different clients and affiliates involved with VivoAquatics. This is placed here to visually build credibility as visitors browse the website.

The tiled format is also used on the portfolio page and blog page. On the portfolio page, you will see the previous properties VivoAquatics managed. The blog page is structured so that the newest blog is pushed to the home page.