The client requested a logo and website for their new business. Similar to booking a hotel room, their main concern was that potential customers had the ability to reserve garage space through the website. An extensive list of tool options needed to be integrated in the reservation system in order for the client to have the workspace prepped accordingly. Additionally, the system needed to distinguish its customers via a tier-based membership program.

Ready Artwork’s Solutions:

Initially, the graphic team worked with the client to decide on a branding identity; a sophisticated look that conveyed speed and style was established in the logo and subsequently applied to website. To appeal to the DIY car enthusiast, the graphic team chose to focus their aesthetic on a red and black color combination – two popular choices for any speed demon. Our developers enlisted a third-party plugin from Europe in order to provide a comprehensive solution for the client’s reservation system. Since the plugin’s original code was closed-sourced, our team worked with the creator to modify it to meet the client’s needs. Communication proved to be particularly difficult with a time zone half way across the world, but was nonetheless achieved. An additional plugin was integrated to distinguish between Gold, Platinum, and Silver package members, applying discounts to each tier and ensuring booking only 24-hours in advance. This project offered the Ready Artwork team a unique opportunity to create a highly customized and functional website for the client.