The Zhong Want website is a part of the multinational corporation Want Want China Holdings Limited. They are a major manufacturer of snack foods, beverages and more in Asia and also owns a division in the United States; operating a television station named Zhong Want TV Inc 57.9.


The challenge for this project was creating a website that had a news & article section that included television news and videos as well as a platform to allow the client to have spots for sponsorships and advertisements.


Ready Artwork had previously designed the logo for the website that can be found on the upper left-hand corner of the homepage. Once development began, Ready Artwork’s web development team was able to swiftly implement each of the features listed above into the website.

An important and impressive feature implemented by the team is the syncing of the Youtube channel videos onto the website.

The finished product helps Chinese Americans connect through news, and videos while providing a bilingual option.