When you think of customer service, you often imagine people at a call center waiting to assist angry customers over phone calls. But that really isn’t customer service at all. As a small business, one of the biggest assets they have to offer is their customer service. With the amount of customers that large corporations have, it’s often very difficult when it comes to handling and catering to all of their needs.

Active vs Reactive

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When working in a large call center, big companies often take upon the reactive approach. They wait for their customers to contact them via e-mail, phone, or any other channel of communication.

As a small business you have the advantage. One of the biggest ways small companies can compete with their competitors is with their customer service. As a small business, it’s easier to create stronger relationships with your clients by being active and attentive so you can better cater to their needs.

Therefore, being active instead of reactive is the real key to staying ahead of your competitors. By thinking ahead and analyzing things that can potentially hurt your clients or even checking up on them if they called in sick, these gestures can take you much further with a client.

What Other Ways Can You Be Active?

Consider implementing a weekly report into your routine. By putting together a report, this can help you:

  1. Alleviate any questions your clients may have and also in turn create dialogue if it is necessary.
  2. Keep the client involved and aware of the status of his project, order, etc…
  3. Generate more sales in the future
  4. The client will endorse you

Always be proactive and keep with the mentality of being active. Clients like to be treated well and when you take an active approach with their account you can reap many rewards while making your clients happy as well. You then will have basically achieved the holy grail in customer service.