Now more than ever, blogging is becoming an essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Before, the majority of SEO duties involved the fixing of mainly technical issues in which google webmasters would generally take care of. However it is not just about the usability of your site anymore, as many of you have heard before, “Content is King”. As the years have gone by, Google continues to tweak its algorithms (e.g. Panda , Penguin & Hummingbird) in hopes of filtering out spam-filled and low-quality websites. What is it that makes Google Search Engine so great? It is the relevant, fresh, and high quality results that come up for our queries. Therefore, new content on your website will help you be amongst these websites that rank within the first few pages of search results in your industry. And this is where blogging comes into play. Blogging is one of the leading ways to improve your website rankings. However in order to fully maximize your efforts, be sure to keep these following tips in mind:

Tip #1 – Know Your Audience (Relevancy + Valuable Content)

When writing your blogs, you must always keep your audience and customers in mind. Don’t aimlessly fill your blogs with useless information just to push content out on your site. The best rule of thumb is to really think about what kind of information your viewers are seeking and would be interested in knowing. People love to share information and when you produce quality content, the chances of them sharing your blogs and viewing your website will be much higher as a result. Another important thing to keep in mind when creating content: length does not equal quality. There are many who wonder, “How long does my blog need to be?” and the answer to that is, “As long as it needs to be”. There is no one universal length for all blogs. Instead of counting words, your focus should be on providing information and answering any questions your viewers may have while reading your blog.

Tip #2 – Keep it Fresh, Keep it Current

One of the main reasons for having a blog is to show Google that your website is being regularly checked and the information is up-to-date. Therefore, it is important for you to reflect these values into your blogs as well. Keep your content fresh and current. Google Trends, Facebook Trending Topics, and Twitter Trends are great tools for you to use when looking for current events and trending topics to incorporate into your blogs. Not only does this give your blogs an added twist, it keeps your content interesting for your viewers.

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Tip #3 – Don’t Be Shy! Promote Your Work!

Once you have your blogs published on your site, the last and most important step is to promote your work! Great content is obsolete if people don’t see it! Optimize the exposure of your blogs by sharing them throughout your social media platforms. Blogging creates great material for you to use throughout your various outlets. You want to create valuable information for your viewers so that in the future if they ever have a specific question related to your industry, they would immediately think of your company to go to. You want to be viewed as a knowledgeable source of information within your industry. By sharing your blogs, you are giving people the opportunity to read your posts and hopefully ‘like’, ‘comment’, or ‘share’ your information with their network of acquaintances. The more likes, comments and shares you get, the more trust and credibility your website gains.

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Increase your website’s traffic, alexa ratings and google ranking through your blogs. Make sure you keep in mind the best interest of your audience and customers and work on producing content that is valuable, current, and up to date. Lastly utilize your social media platforms by sharing your blog posts to your fans, followers, and acquaintances. At Ready Artwork we work hard to provide you all with information that we feel is most useful and beneficial. Hopefully you were all able to learn something new today and stay tuned for our next blog!