Today, the graphics team would like to share with Ready Artwork fans our top 5 favorite designed websites of 2012.  Each of these websites is designed with different features and unique stylizations.

The Night Santa Got Lost

5. The Night Santa Got Lost
The Night Santa Got Lost is a simple two page website that promotes Michael Keane’s children’s book, “How Norad Saved Christmas”. Ready Artwork integrated an animated background in hopes to bring the book to life, while also adding in links for viewers to purchase the book and view its coverage’s in the media. Its blue snowy background contrasting with the colors of the book draws viewers in and encourages them to engage with the website even more. Through the websites imagery, we hope visitors will become so curious that they’ll have to pick up their own copy of the book.

favorite website designs Melie Bianco

4. Melie Bianco
A clean and chic layout, Melie Bianco uses high-end editorial pictures to navigate around the site. Ready Artwork’s designers and programmers collaborated with Melie Bianco to bring their ideas to life. What grabs a visitor’s attention is their splash page with a non-traditional right-sided navigation bar designed with differently sized bubbles. A clever press tab feature was also installed allowing double the amount of brand awareness. On this page, viewers can see Melie Bianco’s numerous amount of press coverage’s in media and print. The spotless website makes it easy to navigate through their catalog and find that perfect purse for work.

3. AU79 Teahouse
Ready Artwork loves this website! It might be because of our love for tea. But either way, all the graphics on the website screams cute and bubbly. The interactive one page website design allows users to keep scrolling from top to bottom. Viewers can use the static top navigation bar but what’s the fun in that when one can exercise their fingers a little and scroll! Each section is filled with engaging graphics and little perks such as browsing through a gallery or scrolling through important dates in their calendar feature. If you haven’t checked it out, Ready Artwork would highly suggest it!

2. Distortion Clothing
A website dedicated to young active boarders and riders with true swag. What attracts viewers the most is the use of the bold bright navigation bar against black and white images. When clicking on different sections of the website, the background image changes making each page unique in its own way. Their scrapbook acts like the popular app Instagram and is filled with fun pictures that attract the youth.

1. Tri County Gear
Tri-County Gear is Ready Artwork’s example of a well-structured layout. The website handles and sorts through its numerous products quickly and effortlessly. This was Ready Artwork’s first time designing for an automotive company, which gave us an exciting new challenge of a more masculine and bold stylization. The background is cleverly designed by incorporating a black tire accented pattern to symbolize the thrill of off-roading and targets those who love it.

Having read Ready Artworks top 5 favorite website designs and why, do you have any you would like to share?