Rebrand Your Company Image to Target Your Audience


A good logo is not only timeless and memorable, but  it should also accurately depict your company. Your logo and store-front should work cohesively with similar and/or complementing images and color schemes. It is important to be aware of what your competitors look like, whether it would be something to avoid or mimic. This also applies to any products that your company may carry therefore selecting the right package design and display is essential. If and when you discover that your company is not represented correctly, it may be time to rebrand your company.

One of many companies that have successfully rebranded themselves is the well-known Starbucks coffee chain.

Throughout the years, the logo has become more and more simplified, which also followed the trends of its time. Now they are so well known that it is no longer necessary to keep the text in their logo for people to recognize who they are. The buildings of their new locations also follow the  contemporary trends of current times. The buildings are mostly brown with the green accents in their logo to give an organic, eco-friendly feel.

Rebranding of your company does not always have to follow the trends to be a good logo. Smaller companies often rebrand themselves as well, simply because their old logo and image did not accurately emulate who they were. disconnected to their target audience, which consists of families and children. The old logo was composed of heavy, distorted fonts, with bold colors of black and red giving off a sense of edge instead of friendliness. Their new logo now uses bright colors, easy to read fonts, and smooth, rounded corners, which all come together to give a warm and inviting feeling.

The convenience store 7-Eleven is also in the process of revamping their company image. The change has not yet hit the U.S. locations, however  the stores that have received changes are receiving many positive responds from consumers. Not only was their logo redone, but also their entire store has been upgraded to a much more fun and lively ambiance. They used bright green as the main color of their store interior and icons to give an easier read. More about 7 Eleven’s branding change can be read here.

It is important that your audience is interpreting your company’s brand the way you intend it to be read. If your logo does not target the correct audience, it will decrease your number of sales. And if you do have a store-front or an office location in which clients can come to visit, the decor and setup should also accurately reflect your company image as well. If there is a disconnect in any of these areas, you may want to consider some rebranding for your company.