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If you’re posting on your social media platforms but have difficulty reaching a wider audience or if you’re looking for a way to quickly find new customers for your website, you can benefit from our Social Media Advertising and Pay Per Click advertising and management services.

We stay on top of algorithm changes and know how to craft content that converts but social media platforms are adopting the ‘pay-to-play’ model meaning that your content will have a much lower priority than other posts that have a budget behind it.

How can I get around the Pay-to-play model of social media as a small business? Why should PPC ads matter to me when I already use SEO strategies?

The Pay-to-Play model of social media is becoming popular for newer businesses that don’t have much brand recognition in their industry. Getting around this would mean optimizing your website content and implementing SEO strategies to boost your organic search. But a common strategy is to balance both paid and organic search methods in order to retarget users searching for your product or service.

As for PPC, we can drive customers to your new products.

In both cases, we use tools in order to target new customers and also returning customers to capture as many customers as possible.

We focus in on what matters the most:

  1. Getting the most return from your marketing budget.
  2. Continually optimizing to make sure your ad is making money for you.

Shoeland PPC Case Study


Looking good shouldn’t break the bank. Shoe Land has been delivering the hottest styles at irresistible prices since 1997. New shoes hit their retail stores and fly off their shelves swiftly and it was time to let customers online experience the thrill of getting high fashion shoes for prices that are worth bragging about.

Here’s how we were able to help with that transition from brick and mortar to an e-commerce powerhouse.


Shoe Land is very well-known in Florida and Georgia but the challenge for us was to super-charge their brand awareness.

Our objective was to reach a new audience and drives sales online in states other than Florida and Georgia.

To do this, we were going to need to run Google Shopping Ads as well as Social Media Advertisements.


We began to see results almost immediately after our team implemented PPC ads.

The Google PPC ads helped boost revenue by 74%.

The Facebook sales ads boosted revenue by 62%.

The Instagram sales ads help boosted revenue by 30%.

Continue reading to see how our team accomplished these milestones and continued to grow the Shoeland account.


The first thing we needed to do was to implement retargeting. This is an extremely effective technique and also being able to create audiences from our existing visitors would be very helpful.

Next, we created our different audiences for both Google PPC ads as well as Facebook.



First, to build up brand awareness, we allocated some of Shoe Land’s budget towards gaining page likes on Facebook.

We determined that the rest of the ads should be direct sales ads for both Facebook and Instagram.

Most importantly, we needed high-quality product photography and received help from the design team to create eye-catching images of the hottest selling shoes with a minimal amount of text to comply with Facebook and Google standards.


In the first month, the Facebook like campaigns generated 9,225 page likes and improved the page likes by 197%.

Overall, in the first month we saw a 101% increase in sales with the help of the Social Media and PPC ad campaigns.

The successful ads continued and varied based on the seasons and we began introducing customer retargeting ads. This worked especially well during important sales holiday sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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