Are you tired of searching for your product or service on Google and seeing your competitors outranking you? Are you wondering what they’re doing that you’re not?

These are things that are uncovered by us as we perform our research. SEO takes the right plan and patience.

It also takes the right team to handle your website’s SEO management.

If you’re ready, you can start taking traffic away from your competitors.

(You can also get a sneak peek at your competitors’ SEO score)


Choose us if you’re looking for:
  • Ways to boost your organic website traffic
  • A team that is extremely good at researching & executing the best ways to drive relevant traffic
  • A complete report on your competition and insight into what they are doing
  • A team that is always up to date on the latest strategies that work


The problem with SEO is that when it comes to the management aspect, a lot of it isn’t visible on the outside. Think of us like a team that works on tuning race cars. The fastest and most efficient cars win the race and the SEO race is similar. You have to tune your website in order for it to be able to compete.

With that in mind, we help you understand what needs to be done.

The SEO Process:
  1. Keyword research: This is an important first step and ongoing step. We need to understand how people are searching and what they’re searching for.
  2. Technical Fixes: If your page titles are too long or certain pages are getting found on Google when they shouldn’t be, these all affect the performance of your website.
  3. Speed: If your website is slow, you’ll frustrate your users and your rankings will be affected.


This is just a quick overview of what we work on regularly.

We will also work on off-page/off-site SEO meaning links coming in and out of your website. This is equally as important as what appears on the page.

We ensure that the websites that link to your website are credible and blocking websites from giving your website penalties.

We make it our mission to drive relevant traffic to your website. Learn more about our SEO services by clicking the links below:


Contractors have the difficult task of having to find parts and supplies. For PEX Superstore, they supply PEX tubing and fittings at the absolute lowest prices.

The company was well-established but was lacking an online presence and were overshadowed by much bigger competitors.

Here’s what we did to help boost the visibility of their products and close the gap between the biggest players in the industry.



The client let us know that business tends to pick up in the final quarter of each year and dips considerably during the early parts of the year. Their website was also ranking well for ‘fittings’ but less for ‘tubing’.

A few of the challenges we faced were coming up with the following:

  • Drastically improving the rankings for the keyword phrase ‘PEX Tubing’
  • Driving a higher number of sessions through relevant keywords
  • Boosting revenue

The PEX Superstore E-Commerce website has a different demographic from a typical e-commerce website in that we needed to focus on contractors who would be looking for PEX supplies.

From our initial research, we found that the demographic was:

  • Less tech savvy
  • Used less-popular browsers and search engines
  • Preferred a more straight-forward approach with less ‘fancy’ website elements

Since one of our challenges was to improve the traffic and revenue from the first half of the year, we achieved this goal with consistent SEO work and staying up to date with algorithm updates and best practices.

Continue reading to see how our team accomplished this and the growth from the first half of 2017 compared to the first half of 2016. 



The first thing we needed to do was keyword research. We focused our efforts on 5 main keyword phrases.

Next, we took the time to understand the user-behavior of the visitors. We installed heatmap software to see where visitors were going and what they were interested in. From there, we began to focus on how we could convert more of these visitors.

From a technical standpoint, we began focusing on how we could improve the crawlability of the website by making adjustments to the sitemaps and the robots.txt file.

A few more adjustments included moving the entire website to HTTPS (a must for e-commerce websites) and also including schema markup to improve click-through rates.


We make sure we let our clients know that results from SEO take time, generally 3-6 months before we start to see improvements.

We were fortunate enough to see big results on the PEX Superstore website in that time period.

Here’s what we proudly accomplished in the first 6 months compared to the previous year:

  1. An 80.68% increase in revenue
  2. A 78.78% increase in transactions
  3. A 90.22% increase in the e-commerce conversion rate
  4. Page 1 rankings for ‘PEX Tubing’ (which was ranking on page 3 when we began)

We also successfully integrated schema markup data that shows availability and also the price, something that the competitors are not fully taking advantage of.


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